We help people document complex project sites.

by providing BIM 3D models, drone imagery, construction documents, technical drawings, fly-through animations, and eye-grabbing real estate images.  Our visual products are beautiful and very accurate – guaranteed!

We add cutting edge technology.

3D Laser Scanning and Drone Photogrammetry are at the cutting edge of technology.  Implementing these tools builds the perception of leadership in your field.  Top notch photos, virtual tours, and technical drawings are powerful and lasting communication tools.

We add confidence!

Laser scanning and photogrammetry are very accurate, repeatable, and admissible into court.  Strut your stuff and show off your work!


From 3D laser scanning (Lidar) to 3D Modeling from a Geo-Referenced point cloud – we’ll take you beyond the limit!  Our client list continues to grow, and includes forensic engineers, interior designers, architects, surveyors, mechanical engineers, historic preservationists, real estate agents, tourism marketers, and more!


See our case studies page for a short list of past projects and their benefits.   View our services page for more details about how we can make your life easier.   Take a peek at our full color, capabilities portfolio, to learn more about our services.   Check out our reviews on Google – our professionalism speaks for itself.


We use 3D technology, 360 cameras, and drones to document explosions for forensic engineers; we implement the same technologies to help interior designers communicate with designs more effectively.  Our work begins from a tripod or a drone, continues in the computer, and ends with a final product that you can implement immediately.  Expect top notch communication throughout the project cycle – it’s our priority!

Questions about 3D Laser Scanning? Ask Away! We love to talk about our services!


What is 3D Laser Scanning?

It is simply 3D measurement.  It provides a lower cost alternative to traditional measurement (total station, measuring tape, plumb line, walking wheel)  that mitigates risk, adds confidence, and increases efficiency, safety, and profitability.  This technology is valuable for measuring buildings, bridges, landscapes, utility substations, tunnels, and more: anything you can see, we can scan.


How does the process work?

Using a 3d laser scanning camera, 3D Data Pro will laser scan your project.  We will then process this data into a photo-real point cloud model and geo-reference it with survey data.  From here, the options are endless!  The most common next steps are production of Revit or Autodesk Civil 3d models.  Using this technology, your firm will save valuable time and cut down project costs dramatically.  Learn more from our Tech page.


You fly drones too?

Yes, we do! Some sites are too large, too dangerous, or just impossible to navigate on foot.  In these situations, a drone flight gathers images for processing.  For some sites, we combine drone images together to make a 3d site map using a process called photogrammetry (measurement by photograph!)  Drones are an important piece of our technology.

Our Experience

Our director, Steve Foltz, holds a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Colorado.  Mr. Foltz’s experience in design, construction, engineering, including automotive and structural forensic engineering, animation, photogrammetry, and surveying, sets 3D Data Pro apart from the competition.  When applicable, the 3D Data Pro team includes an Autodesk trained Revit technician and licensed surveyors.

 Download our capabilities portfolio here. 

Ask Away! We love to talk about our services!

Our Guarantee To You

Every project includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Using excellent communication from the start, we will make sure your project is exactly what you were hoping for – or your money back. *We carry a professional liability insurance policy to protect us and our clients from the unexpected. Please inquire for more details about this policy. Let us help you improve the quality and effectiveness of your services with 3D Laser Scanning. Examples of our work can be found in our Case Studies page.

Want to Learn More About 3D Laser Scanning?

See these videos to understand the laser scanning workflow.  Get a feel for the workflow in real-time!  Using video, 3D Data Pro can take your project to the next level:

• Fly-through animations of 3d Point Clouds are an invaluable tool for our clients, allowing them to effectively depict and visualize collected data.
• The possibilities are endless with these full color, photo-realistic 3D models for accurate measurement and enhanced visualization.

FAA Certified Drone Pilots and Photographers

We are commercial drone pilots and we hold active Part 107 FAA Remote Pilot Airmen Certificates.  Safety is our top priority always, and especially while flying unmanned aircraft on site.  Here are just a few of the many items on our list every time we fly:

Flight restrictions affecting small unmanned aircraft operation
Aviation weather sources and effects of weather on small unmanned aircraft performance
Small unmanned aircraft loading and performance
Emergency procedures
Crew resource management
Nearby airport operations
Maintenance and pre-flight inspection procedures

Count on us for industry leading aerial images, drone 3d models, ortho-mosaic images, and combination Lidar/Drone imagery and mapping.  We use the right technology for the job and we know how to get it done!  See examples of our drone imagery work here.