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Architectural As-Built Surveys

Architectural as-built surveys (site surveys, scan to BIM) allow the designer to visualize accurately, create confidently, and complete a project efficiently.  We use a combination of BIM and 3D Modeling to document the existing conditions of the site.  The objective is to ensure that every surface (columns, beams, walls, doors, hard scape surfaces, and terrain, just to name a few!) is geometrically accurate.  This is critical, as it provides cutaways into the building and landscape.  Designers and owners can visualize space at a new level.

Lead the team with clear and accurate drawings.
Design and visualize with confidence.

Topographic Survey Maps

Using drones, we can cover a golf course in two hours, a one mile stretch of highway in thirty minutes, and a job site in twenty minutes.  Associating drone imagery with Lidar data, our error is less than 1/8″.  Our topographic services mesh well with traditional surveying techniques; the two compliment each other.  Our pricing is very affordable and we are fast!

Detailed and accurate topographic surveys.
Fast and safe surveying with 3d technology.
Civil 3D surfaces created with a fast turn-around.

Narrative Animations

Once we gather gigs upon gigs of data, there is no reason to keep it to ourselves!  Narrative animations showcase our hard work and spot light your project.  Once we create the animation, it is yours to keep for future inquiries and marketing.

Easily explains the story.
Very familiar to most audiences

Materials Modeling

An architectural model is a type of scale model – a physical representation of a structure – built to study aspects of an architectural design or to communicate design ideas. Depending on the purpose, models can be made from a variety of materials, including blocks, paper, and wood, and at a variety of scales.

Easy to understand.
Timeless quality

Project Graphics

A powerful graphic goes a long way toward explaining the narrative behind your project. This is because a graphic is a super distilled version of information. The data, which began as multiple gigs of raw scan data, has been colorized, post-processed, cropped, exported, analyized, measured, exported again to a graphical format. Specific features are show cased. Notes are added. The result is just a mere 2-5 megabyte file of distilled project data.

Very clear and concise
Small file size
Easy to share

Frequently Asked Questions

When are project graphics helpful?
Why would I need an animation?
When is a materials model the right solution?
When are project graphics helpful?

Project graphics are like homemade maple syrup.  The raw data, measurements, analysis, photos, calculations, and thought processes are boiled down into a very concentrated, well-crafted image.  The gigs upon gigs of scan data and hours of analysis evaporate.  The result is simple and effective graphics and diagrams that showcase your hard work and tell the story in a clear and concise way.

Why would I need an animation?

An animation tells the story so you don’t have to.  Simply by clicking “play” on the video, the viewer can experience the animation’s narrative told chronologically.  Accurate, photo-realistic 3d animations represent the physical world in a relatable way, and help guide the viewer through a large project site.

When is a materials model the right solution?

A physical materials model built by hand or from a 3d printer is a great option when your findings will be presented to an audience of both visual professionals and non professionals.  Some of us can more quickly visualize 3d space when it sits on a table in front of us.  A materials model is the perfect solution.  Listeners can touch and feel the model, spinning it around in their hands, getting a sense for the relationships of objects relative to one another in the model, to scale, direction, and overall placement of objects in the scene.


Drone Aerial Imagery

By employing drone photogrammetry techniques, we are able to model surfaces and terrain from drone imagery. Coupled with GPS ground control, the 3D model is georeferenced to create an accurate surface at the time of the survey that can be used for construction, water management, time-series, volumetric calculations, and many more mapping scenarios.

Low Impact
Flight reduces accessibility issues.
Georeferenced Model

Drone Terrain and Structure Mapping

Drones or small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) have become a valuable tool in 3D mapping. We are certified remote pilots under the FAA’s sUAS Part 107. Using drones for aerial imagery provides a unique perspective of the site and geometrically corrected imagery produces an extremely accurate representation that can be used for detailed mapping, precise measurements and feature digitization.

Cover ground. Fast.
Accessibility by the drone makes more possible.
5km range
Large photographic data sets
Gross Dam Model

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is it?
Which drone are you using?
Do you have to be licensed to fly a drone?
How accurate is it?

While not as accurate and precise as terrestrial LiDAR, drone based photogrammetry with well distributed Ground Control Points can be as accurate as 5 cm or better. For more information, see this related article.

Which drone are you using?

Commercial off the shelf [COTS] platforms have been tried and tested for every kind of  environmental setting by the manufacturer. We feel that using a COTS system reduces the chance of hardware or software errors while conducting the survey. There are countless custom systems being operated and flown under FAA Part 107 specifications, but COTS drones provide the safest and most reliable solution for your data collection.

Do you have to be licensed to fly a drone?

To pilot a drone (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, UAV) commercially requires a Remote Pilot Certificate also known as a commercial drone license.  A UAV must be registered and an airworthiness certificate must be issued for the UAV.  The remote pilot in command must follow all federal, state, and local laws regarding UAV operation.  The remote pilot in command must be aware of the airspace the UAV is occupying, must not fly above people, must maintain a specified distance from structures, and must only fly under 400′ above ground elevation.  These are just a few of the many requirements for the pilot in command.


3D Point Cloud Viewer

The 3D Point Cloud Viewer is a web-based viewer with embedded site documentation, measurement, and panoramic photo viewing.  It is an excellent communication tool used to photo realistically convey conditions of a scanned environment to clients and team members.

Detailed and photo realistic.
Organizes scene photos and site notes.
Easy to zoom and move around a complex site.

3D Point Cloud Animation

A 3D computer animation video taking a journey through the point cloud, which often shows motion between scan locations. Whereas with Real View of the 3D point cloud, the viewer is seeing the point cloud from the location of each scan position in panorama, a point cloud animation flies through the point cloud, enhancing the viewer’s sense of being at the scan location.

A user friendly way of sharing large data sets.
Visual communication is clear and well planned. Perfect for presenting.

Surface Conditions Mapping

We create floor level analysis diagrams with tolerances less than 1/10”.  These diagrams are color-coded and scaled.  Measure using our easy to use grid to locate low lying areas.  Identifying and fixing problem areas couldn’t be easier!

A color coded map represents changes as little as 1/16″.
Make accurate changes to the structure or floor slab.
Easy to measure needed changes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I easily share a point cloud with my client?
Won’t the gigs upon gigs of scan data and processing files choke my computer?
Is it accurate? How can you be sure?
Can I easily share a point cloud with my client?

Yes, the point cloud is hosted online and a link, which launches the file in a web browser, can be emailed or texted.  The results can be freely shared with clients or colleagues anytime.

Won’t the gigs upon gigs of scan data and processing files choke my computer?

3D Data Pro is responsible for maintaining backup copies of all processing files, so you don’t have to worry about storage space on your computer or server.   The final 3D Documentation product will be hosted online, requiring very little storage space or computing power from you.

Is it accurate? How can you be sure?

Yes, the results are photo-realistic and accurate to 1/8″.  Using the free point cloud viewer, you can easily measure and add notes to any part of the point cloud.   Standard objects are placed in the scene, such as a ten foot measuring tape, to create a relatable connection to physical measurement for forensic cases.  Most projects also involve a secondary independent means of measurement such as survey data or GPS data.


Real Estate Photo Shoots

Our top quality real estate photo shoots include interior and exterior coverage and take approximately two hours to complete.  Images will be sent via FTP by noon the following day.  All shoots include two twilight exterior images.  Pricing is based on the total number of images provided, with packages ranging from $150-$350.  For details, see our terms and conditions here. 

Dramatically increases the performance of your listing.
Save time and money by hiring us to do the job right the first time.
Win the interest of clients before you show the home.
Twilight photo blue sky

360 Virtual Tours

Our 360 virtual tours allow visitors to walk through the interior and exterior of your space to gain interest and understanding.  Virtual tours take approximately one and a half hours to complete.  A link to the tour will be sent by noon the following day, which can be added to MLS listings or your website.  Pricing starts at $150.  For full details and exact pricing for your project, see our terms and conditions here. 

360 Virtual Tours increase the buyer’s interest.
Customers can view your virtual tour on Google Maps.
Customized with your company’s branding.
Real Estate 360 Virtual Tour

Real Estate Floor Plans

Tell the full story about the layout of your listing and attract top notch buyers.   This service includes floor plans drafted by our owner and architectural designer, Steve Foltz, M. Arch..  Plans are drafted in AutoCAD, complete with architectural labels starting at $500.  For exact pricing details, see our terms and conditions here. 

Set your listing apart from others.
Listings with floor plans endear buyers to the property sooner.
Architectural floor plans

Aerial Showcase Videography

When telling the story is important, our videography services are the answer.   Drone aerial video captures beautiful angles of your project, demonstrates the proximity to nearby attractions, and communicates the feel of the place.  Videos are shared with a link or easily added to your MLS listing.  For a full pricing list, see our terms and conditions here. 

Show your project in context.
Raise interest and increase your property’s value.
Sell your listing faster.

Aerial Showcase Photography

This service includes exterior and aerial images of the property, online proofing, and 4 finished, retouched images suitable for print and web use.  Drone photos take about an hour to complete and will be delivered via FTP by noon the following day.  Requests for photography appointments should be submitted via email to  Please download our terms and conditions here.

Show your project in context.
Raise interest and increase your property’s value.
Sell your listing faster.
East facade captured with a drone.

Twilight Exteriors – Included in all shoots

This service includes twilight exterior photography and generates 2 finished images.  Images are formatted for web and print and will be delivered via FTP by noon the following day.    For exact pricing details, see our terms and conditions here. 

Glowing windows make people click on the listing.
Listings with twilight photos outperform those without.
Stand out from your competition and attract high-end clients.
Twilight photography skills.

Twilight Virtual Tours

Enhance the beauty of your property in this time elapsed virtual tour.  For exact pricing details, see our terms and conditions here. 

Bring out the cozy, inviting glow of every property.
Help your buyers understand the home in the context of day and night.
Twilight Virtual Tours

Questions about 3D Laser Scanning? Ask Away! We love to talk about our services!