Laser Scanning for Historic Preservation

Document, model, and web-share buildings and objects of historic and cultural value.  Point cloud models provide avenues for exploring and interacting with the object or building in otherwise inaccessible environments.  The data collection process is hands-off, since the means of measurement is a non-contact laser.  Our experienced team has completed analysis and modeling of state and federal historic sites for engineering and education.  We can get the documentation you need, and can set up an online video or interactive model for you to share.

  • No-touch laser provides means of cataloging important historical objects without impact
  • Take planning to a new level by contextualizing state or federal historic places
  • Virtual tours have educational benefits, bringing inaccessible places within reach

Fly-through animation for context

These animations quickly help clients and end-users understand the depth of information contained in the project point cloud.  By viewing these animations, we can evaluate the high-quality, colorized data and make clear decisions for further processing.  Exploring the point cloud has never been more easy, accurate, and beautiful.

  • Quickly evaluate data for further processing
  • Include animations along with construction documents for a complete scan processing solution
  • Experience the quality and accuracy of the point cloud by simply clicking play

Scan To Revit

Using a point cloud model, we will build a Building Information Model in Revit with native objects.  It is possible to geo-reference the model with survey data or align to local coordinate system.

  • Models can include HVAC, structural, mechanical systems, topography, and context
  • Historic preservation, utility substations, utility facilities, commercial and residential design
  • Significant reduction of errors compared with technician on lift with measuring tape

Context Surveys for Conceptual Design

Quickly import a full-color, photo realistic 3d model into CAD for architectural and landscape conceptual design.  Why guess at elevation changes in landscape or the location of surrounding buildings and vegetation?  Empower your conceptual designs with a 3d point cloud.  Simply import into Revit, SketchUP, or CAD and begin designing!

  • Fast – next day turn around
  • Cost Effective
  • Creatively empowering for Designers

Visualize Designs in a Real World Context

If you can see it, 3D Data Pro can scan it. We capture 360 degrees of information, which is impossible with traditional methods.  Import the point cloud into your 3d Model environment to give the design team context.  Help approval agencies understand your design with this next generation model.

  • Visualization made easy
  • Point cloud fly-through animation provides overview
  • Cost effective

As-Built Surveys of Interior and Exterior Spaces

Equip your team with the tools necessary for Project Management planning.  Repairs, maintenance, or improvements are simplified with the measurement and visualization tools that 3d laser scanning provides, such as a web-based, 360 photo viewer that allows for embedded site documentation and measurement.

  • For facility management, general contractors, and building owners
  • design plant equipment (integrity analysis)
  • Minimize duration and risk of planned outages
  • Share data and visualization across web with collegues

 3D Data Pro Deliverables:

  • Web-based point cloud viewer with embedded site documentation, measurement, and panoramic photo viewing
  • Fly-through animation of point cloud
  • Civil 3d Terrain (TIN) aligned to survey data or existing coordinate system
  • Revit Model of terrain, structures, vegetation
  • AutoCAD 2d construction documents
  • Floor level analysis with tolerances less than 1/10”
  • Area and volume analysis of terrain or interiors

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