Villa Verde Apartments are located in Aurora, Colorado. The multi-family building includes four interior unit types. Renovations have been made to these units throughout the years. The exact configuration of interior units is unknown. Because of the large size of the building and the variation of interior unit configurations, 3d scanning was needed to capture the unique characteristics of the building. 3d scans were processed into architectural models using Autodesk Revit.

The final deliverable was a Revit 2020 model representing the building exterior and one Revit model per interior unit type. Interior unit files were linked and copied as needed throughout the building master model. The building exterior model included corridors, laundry rooms, boiler rooms, terrain, and lobby areas.

Our deliverables list:

1. One Revit 2020 file containing the building exterior and common areas. This model shall include: walls, floor slab locations, windows, doors, roof systems, paths, stairs, handrails, corridors, laundry rooms, boiler rooms, light fixture locations. Roof areas not visible from ground level shall be excluded.
2. Several Revit 2020 files, each representing one interior unit type. This proposal includes 5,000 square feet of interior area to be surveyed and modelled. Each unit type model shall include: floor locations, interior partitions, ceiling locations, doors, appliances, counter locations, cabinets, lighting locations, plumbing fixture locations, and base trim.
3. 3D scan data will be provided upon request in Autodesk Recap (.rcp) format. The scan data can be re-linked to the Revit models for reference.
4. A 360 virtual photo tour of each interior unit type will be hosted online and shared.
5. Site photos used by 3D Data Pro for Revit modelling will be shared via a link in the virtual tour.

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