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South Platte River Road – Drone Survey for Civil Engineering

Partnering with Matrix Design Group, Inc., 3D Data Pro completed a survey of South Platte River Road near Denver’s Broadway Station development.  Using a combination of 3D laser scanning (Lidar) and drone survey techniques, 3D Data Pro located existing road striping, utilities, pedestrian walk/bike paths, curbs, buildings, and topography over the mile long stretch.  3D Data Pro’s CAD diagram and topographical maps were aligned to Matrix Design Group’s local coordinate system using GNSS/GPS, reducing overall error to less than two inches.

The project was delivered in Autodesk Civil 3D and referenced into MDG’s CAD drawings.  Jeff Killion, PE, Senior Associate at Matrix Design Group, Inc. was very pleased with the results.  Thanks to drones and 3d laser scanning, the project was complete in a very short time.

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