We 3d scanned this Snowmass, Colorado mountain home’s 3,500 square foot interior to capture the roof angles, interior layout, and interesting timber structure.  After processing the data into an architectural 3d model using industry standard Autodesk Revit BIM software, we sent the model to our clients.  Our designer clients were able to use plans, sections, and elevations cut from our model to quickly overlay their designs and materials.  Contractors used the model for quantity takeoffs.  In addition to the 3d model, 360 photos were captured and edited to make an online virtual 360 tour for designer, contractor, and client communication.

The addition of 3d imaging to this project helped the designers get ahead of schedule and keep costs down.  Time was saved by gathering accurate as-built measurements the first time.  3d imaging also reduced the need to enter the home multiple times, which was beneficial to the safety of the designers, and the parents and stay at home students who currently live at the home.


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