Aperture: 4Camera: L1D-20cIso: 100Orientation: 1
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This beautiful home had great bones but needed new finishes.  Located in Aspen, Colorado and primed for a makeover,  3d scanning was used to capture the unique geometry, topography, and spatial characteristics of the building.  The 3d image was then used to define existing area calculations, which assisted architects in determining whether or not expanding the home’s footprint was a possibility.  With a 3d image of everything visible on site, 3D Data Pro created as built architectural models and drawings of the building in Autodesk Revit.  The Revit modeling was limited to:

• Terraces 30″ above grade
• Staircases
• All areas including attics over 5′-6″
• 5′ perimeter of terrain adjacent to any deck or patio and outside face of the building
• Floor locations, exterior walls, roof planes, interior partitions, ceilings, doors, and windows

Technology utilized for this project included 3D scanning (Lidar), 360 photography, drones, drone image photogrammetry, survey grade GPS aerial targets, and BIM software. The final deliverable was a Revit 2020 model and corresponding Autodesk Recap (.rcp) file.

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