The Tantra Lake Apartments are located in Boulder, Colorado.  Included are 16 buildings in 10 different building configurations, with a total enclosed area of 147,400 square feet.  As-built 3D models were needed to capture the unique spatial characteristics of the buildings’ exteriors and shared spaces. Shared spaces include corridors, laundry areas, boiler rooms, and lobbies. Five interior unit types were implemented throughout Tantra Lake Apartments. These five unit types also required as-built documentation.

3d laser scanning (Lidar) was used to capture 10 building types and 5 unit types. The data was post-processed to provide a comprehensive point cloud of each building and unit. The final deliverable included (10) Revit 2020 architectural models representing the (10) different building types plus (5) Revit 2020 architectural models representing the (5) different unit types. The unit models were modeled inside their associated building locations.

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