All interior areas of this Aspen, Colorado townhouse were 3d scanned.  The point data was processed and 3d modeled using Autodesk Revit (BIM) to create a set of as-built architectural drawings.  Our client, a talented group of interior designers from Denver, was thrilled with the final product.  It helped their team quickly create demo drawings so they could move on to what they do best – design great interiors!  The project deliverables included:

  • Revit LOD 300 model  of the 3 story townhouse, including garden level, first floor,
    and second floor. The Revit model included ceiling locations, floors, stair cases,
    doors, windows, plumbing fixtures, all built-is, electrical switches, outlets,
    cabinets, and other features as directed by our client.
  • Aerial image of the project location and other drone images for designer reference.
  • A high resolution 360 virtual tour hosted online of the interior and exterior of the project.
  • Colorized and organized 3d scan files to import into the Revit model for reference as needed.

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