This land map survey project was completed as a partnership with JF Sato and Associates to allow Excel Energy to study a prospective electrical substation location. First, 3D laser scan data was collected on site with a Faro Focus 3D. Next, cap and rod control points around the perimeter of the property were surveyed with a total station. Survey data was combined with 3D Laser Scan data in 3D Studio Max software, using the Clouds2Max plugin. Using this plugin, a topographic contour mesh was generated. Finally, the mesh terrain was converted to a triangulated irregular network (TIN) and combined with data from previous surveys using Autocad Civil 3D software. All parts of this project were completed by 3D Data Pro in July, 2013. Surveyors at J.F. Sato and Associates were very pleased with the project, especially the ease with which they were able to integrate the new contour map provided by 3D Data Pro. [nggallery id=10]